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At we provide you with a world wide website to showcase your mining properties and gold claims on a non-exclusive basis. Your mining property will remain on the website until it is sold. We have two options to list your mining claims and projects. 

OPTION 1 - One time listing fee of $25 CAD and 10% brokerage fee ONLY if we find a buyer for you. All contacts come through and we will brokerage the deal for you. 



Option 2 - One time listing fee of $500 CAD and NO additional % or fees whatsoever. Your contact information, telephone number and email are listed in the ad. The buyers will contact you directly. You can use your URL to showcase your mining property or projects. Your listing will be linked to all of our appropriate directory pages.

OPTION 1 - We charge a low one time flat listing fee of $25 CAD to do the web work and prepare your listing. This $25 CAD listing fee is due upon submission. We accept paypal, e-transfer, or cash.

Only if we are able to provide you with a contact that results in a sale, lease, joint venture then we will charge a 10% brokerage fee of the final sale price of the property. A signed copy of our fee agreement is also due with your listing submission. will prepare the listing from the information which you provide. The best listings provide us with enough information and photos on the property to generate interest. We do allow listings to be posted without an asking price, although we strongly suggest that you consider posting both a cash sale price, and if offered, a royalty and lease terms. To give the best chance of a successful sale, give us as much information and as many photos as you can. Please make sure all photos submitted are in .jpg format.

OPTION 2 - Save thousands of dollars in commissions. 

We charge a one time flat listing fee of $500 CAD with no other fees associated with the listing or sale of the mining property. will prepare your listing with the information and photos provided, along with your contact information and you deal with the buyer directly. The $500 CAD listing fee is due upon submission. We accept paypal, e-transfer, or cash.

Please note that we are selective and reserve the right to decide which properties are listed on this website. We reserve the right to pull any listing where legal concerns including unsubstantiated claims and ownership disputes are concerned. In such cases, listing and advertising fees will NOT be refunded.

Warning - All properties on this site are offered for mining purposes only. Title to a mineral or placer claim does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the property for residential or recreational purposes.

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